It’s not about the gear

When I was a kid the one thing I coveted more than anything was a pair of Nike Mercurial Vapor. To the uninitiated this was the most covet-worthy football boot for a young kid at the time. All my favorite players played in these boots, so naturally I wanted them as well. But there’s something more subtle going on here, which is the reason I wanted them, and the reason I wanted them was because I thought they would make me a better football player overnight. I figured that if I could get my hand on this one item, I’d level up and be able to play with the first team. Of course, this is not how things work, but it illustrates very well our want for shortcuts, and our ability and willingness to not doing the work. Because if I’d been willing to put in the work, I would have become a better player, but no amount of gear would get me there, and that’s the point right there. We tend to think that before we can start running we need to spend 500 dollars on running shoes and the right clothes, when really all we need is a pair of gym shorts a t-shirt and whichever shoes are somewhat comfortable to run in. We don’t need the gear. What we need is to start running. Start working. Put in the effort and not shy away from the work that needs to be done if we want to attain our goals. No matter, how much money I spend to get the same equipment as Stephen King that’s not going to make me a better writer – only writing will ever make me a better writer. Work with what you have. Put in the work. Improve a little  every day. That’s the way to achieve our goals.

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