How to better deal with people

Get me out of here!

Let’s face it – there’s is not one end all, be all cure to how to deal with everyone, all the time, but there is however, a few things we can do to consistently increase the quality of our interactions with others. I’m sure both you and I can both think of a few times when we’ve met someone where we have rolled our eyes at that person, or wished the conversation to be over almost as soon as it began. We all have.

What’s interesting is that even though this is a natural reaction to other human beings sometimes, we can get so much more out of our interactions if we ask ourselves ‘what made this person act this way?’

If we try to understand why they’re acting like they’re currently acting even when it might seem outrageous to us, then we gain a deeper level of understanding of that person, and we might actually realize that we can both gain some value from this interaction.

Bless you

Another concept I’ve found immensely useful is that whenever someone is acting up, making a scene or being a complete nut-job I think to myself ‘bless you’. Or even better, I think to myself ‘I wish you well’. This has a tendency to spread positive energy and though it might seem a little new age-y I’m not asking you to grow dreads and get your Chakras mapped (yet). What I am saying however, is that the idea of wishing someone else well is a much better tool when it comes to interacting with people than it is to get upset with them.

I urge you to try it out next time you get upset. It can truly work wonders.

All the best


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